Merritt Field
Pennsylvania Route 42
Laporte, PA 17731

The Eagles Mere Auto Museum is a result of a life-long passion for automobiles. As a child, the founder would pour over the hotrod magazines in the grocery store. He collected match box cars throughout his childhood and had an impressive collection by the time he was a teenager. On the eve of his 16th birthday, a friend’s 1968 Chevy Chevelle caught his attention. He ultimately paid $600 for the car and subsequently spent every waking hour and most of his working money towards the restoration of that car. Still his fondest automobile, it is featured on one of the turnstiles in the museum today. Every vehicle in this collection shares a connection with him: pick-up trucks from his days as a boy scout; the “Class of 69” Camaros which were the cars so popular for high school seniors at the time; or his collection of Woodys which reflect his friendship with an older neighbor. Meticulous about restoration and preservation, his passion for the automobile is transparent throughout the museum.

Inside the Museum

The Museum showcases over seventy-five 1950s and 1960s vehicles and many unique pieces of vintage memorabilia. The Museum represents an era when the United States dominated the auto manufacturing industry and Americans were full of confidence, optimism and youthful exuberance.  Their excitement in the ’50s was captured by lower, longer and sleeker automobiles, which left their boxy conservative ancestors in the dust. The cars were also flashier – with tail fins, chrome, and unique paint colors.  In the ’60s, it was all about muscle: engine power, heft, and speed. Visitors will enjoy the fast charging Camaros and Chevy Chevelles on display.

Vast Assortment of Automobile Memorabilia

The museum also explores automobile-related history with its vast assortment of antique neon and metal signs, gas pumps and other memorabilia.  “Lefty’s Garage” is an exact replica of a garage that was transferred in its entirety from a neighboring town to the museum. Even the mechanics are hard at work!

Next door to the Eagles Mere Air Museum

At its new location next to the Eagles Mere Air Museum, visitors can explore the best of automobile and aviation history. The Air museum houses a living collection of airplanes, airplane engines, and related toys and artifacts from the golden age of flying—1908 to 1935.